Piano Spheres at REDCAT @ Walt Disney Hall


I am thrilled to announce my upcoming recital “In Full Sail” for the Piano Spheres Satellite Series at the REDCAT at Walt Disney Hall on October 27! I will perform 3 world premieres by Lewis Spratlan, Annie Gosfield, and Harold Meltzer, as well as works from my album Woman at the New Piano by Tom Flaherty, James Matheson, Adam Schoenberg and Peter Yates. The premieres are part of my upcoming recording project The Poetry of Places that brings together music and architecture. Lewis Spratlan’s “Bangladesh” will convey the transformative hope of Louis Kahn’s Government Center in Dhaka. Harold Meltzer’s “In Full Sail” will respond to Frank Gehry’s IAC Building in Manhattan, depicting the structure and the movement of people around and through it. Annie Gosfield’s “The Dybbuk on Second Avenue” will reflect the changing mix of influences in one theater in the Lower East Side’s “Jewish Rialto” over the years: from Yiddish theater to burlesque, from Chekhov to William Burroughs.

The title of the concert is taken from Frank Gehry’s own description of the IAC Building as “a tall ship in full sail.”  The Los Angeles Times has referred to Walt Disney Concert Hall as a “galleon in full sail,” and curiously Harold Meltzer’s new piano piece, written about the first place, will be premiered in the second.

Can’t wait to share this exciting program with you!

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Piano Spheres

Photo by Albert Chang

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