Recital and Workshop at UNLV

Dr. Arturo Rando-Grillot Hall, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV
March 20, 2023 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm



Performances by Nadia Shpachenko and the Cal Poly Pomona Piano Ensemble, featuring works by Ukrainian and American composers, with guest artist Iris Shiotsuki.

Works by Zoltan Almashi, Eugene Astapov, Evgeni Orkin, Mykola Lysenko, Madelyne Byrne, Samara Rice, and Lewis Spratlan.

Full Program

Evgeni Orkin From Mosaiks for piano four-hands (2002), preview before US Premiere

Caitlin Yang and Nadia Shpachenko, piano

Eugene Astapov Contemplation IV for solo piano (2015), preview before World Premiere

Iris Shiotsuki, piano

Zoltan Almashi Carpathian Song for two pianos (2020), preview before West Coast Premiere

Nadia Shpachenko and Iris Shiotsuki, pianos

Mykola Lysenko Elegy No. 3, Op. 41 for solo piano (1902)

Fernie Portillo, piano

Madelyn Byrne Awakening for ten pianists, commissioned for Cal Poly Pomona Piano Ensemble (2023), preview before World Premiere

Player 1 – Primo, Piano 1 - Nadia Shpachenko
Player 2 – Secondo, Piano 1 - Zachary McConnell
Player 3 – Primo, Piano 2 - Angel Martinez
Player 4 – Secondo, Piano 2 - Fernie Portillo
Player 5 – Toy Piano 1 - Nobuhide Hayashi
Player 6 – Toy Piano 2 - Meinali Xie
Player 7 – Woodblocks - Aidan Forsyth
Player 8 – Woodblocks - Kana Komatsu
Player 9 – Extended Technique, Piano 1 - Yanelie Ronquillo
Player 10 – Extended Technique Piano 2 - Yahir Vallejo

Samara Rice Does an echo ever get tired of saying hello for violin, marimba, two toy pianos, two two-handed pianos, and one four-handed piano, commissioned for Cal Poly Pomona Piano Ensemble (2022)

Leonard Woo, violin
Anai Hernandez, marimba
Daniel Klein and Caitlin Yang, toy pianos
Nadia Shpachenko, Iris Shiotsuki, Zachary McConnell, and Evan Huang, pianos

Lewis Spratlan Selections from Six Rags for solo piano (2018)

Nadia Shpachenko, piano