Great review of “Invasion” album in Fanfare Magazine by Colin Clarke

Fanfare Review!

A great new review of Invasion album in Fanfare Magazine by Colin Clarke!

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

“Spratlan’s music is viscerally exciting, a sonic representation of (understandable) anxiety via a preponderance of gesture… The performance is as good as one could imagine… (Six Rags). This is a remarkable set of miniatures, played brilliantly by Shpachenko, who understands exactly when to bring back the innocence of ragtime within a far deeper context… and now Spratlan so expertly juxtaposes the two. This set is worthy of investigation by pianists on the hunt for new repertoire…

(Wonderer) Spratlan’s virtuosity in moving between tonal references (as memory) and spikier, post-Prokofiev toccata is fascinating, and Shpachenko’s virtuosity in realizing this ideal is remarkable. This is a terrific performance of a wonderful piece… Peter Yates’s booklet notes are a model of their kind. These are all world premiere recordings, making this an invaluable release… the music absolutely is worth hearing; and the booklet is almost a work of art in itself. A word, finally, is due for the engineers. Piano recordings are notoriously hard to make, but Shpachenko is caught beautifully. Recommended unhesitatingly.”