Cover: Music for a New B’ak’tun
"Woman at the Piano" painting by Kazimir Malevich

Music for a New B’ak’tun

American Music of 2013

Music for a New B’ak’tun

A recital of new works for piano, toy piano, percussion, and electronics from Shpachenko’s multiple GRAMMY® nominated album

This program can be performed as a solo program (with Genevieve Feiwen Lee on pre-recorded toy piano in Airdancing) or it could be performed as a solo/duo program, in which Nadia performs 4 solo pieces and 2 duets (Airdancing and Bounce) with a duo partner.


Tom Flaherty Part Suite-a for Solo Piano (2013)

Adam Schoenberg Picture Etudes for Solo Piano (2013)

Peter Yates Finger Songs for Solo Piano (2013)

James Matheson Cretic Variations for Solo Piano (2013)

Tom Flaherty Airdancing for Toy Piano, Piano, and Electronics (2013)

Optional piano duo piece:

Adam Schoenberg Bounce for Two Pianos (2013)

"Woman at the New Piano" Trailer
Photo by Martin Chalifour and Barry Werger-Gottesman