New "Invasion" review in Gramophone, UK, by Guy Rickards!

Gramophone review!

New "Invasion" review in Gramophone, UK, by Guy Rickards

“Lewis Spratlan’s Invasion is a raucous, volatile tone poem… Invasion is the music of indignation and outrage, its combative nature (it does have a more contemplative central section) mirrored in the scoring, with broadsides of drums, brass fanfares, and the maniacal presence of the mandolin which, with the piano, seems to indicate a human presence amid the mechanistic carnage. The performance is powerful… Shpachenko audibly has a deep understanding of Spratlan’s compositional processes, and – in writing all bar Wonderer for her – he clearly has an appreciation of her pianistic abilities… each individual part is impressive, and mostly haunting.”