Very insightful reflections by Ukrainian artist Kati Prusenko

Kati Prusenko illustration

Very insightful and relevant reflections by talented Ukrainian artist Kati Prusenko. These are about Lewis Spratlan's Piano Suite No. 1, mvmt. 1 Capriccio from my album Invasion: Music and Art for Ukraine. But they apply to current events. What human side will prevail, dark or light?  

Kati Prusenko, Piano Suite No. 1

"Music of contrasts. Tender and sharp, good and evil. As if there are two essences of a person, dark and light, that live in everyone. One appears, the other recedes, then vice versa. Which one you will nurture will be the main one. Each has its own shades that can change. Therefore, one essence reflects another, illuminates, as if giving a hint, what has now become more in the opposite. Thus together they balance each other.”

Thank you so much, Kati, for your beautiful contributions to this project!

You can listen to Piano Suite and other works on this album here: