"Invasion" project fundraiser for Ukraine humanitarian aid through "Razom"

Donate to "Razom for Ukraine"

You know how when it's your birthday you can ask people to donate to a charity? Well, my birthday is on Feb. 24, the day Russia invaded my home country Ukraine. I and my wonderful record label Reference Recordings partnered with Razom for Ukraine to raise money for critical Ukraine humanitarian aid.

It's needed now more than ever, when Russia is constantly bombing civilian infrastructure, leaving people without power, gas, and water, in the freezing cold. All proceeds from my Invasion: Music and Art for Ukraine album will go to Razom and other Ukraine humanitarian aid organizations.

Many of you asked if you could donate more than just the cost of the CD. I now have a direct link on Razom's page where you can donate any amount over $50 (ideally much more) directly to them and then you will get my Invasion CD in the mail and our eternal gratitude! Please consider donating directly at the link below and please share this post widely to help raise funds for Ukraine. Donations are 100% tax deductible.  

Razom link to donate and get a CD

  Painting "The last time" by Lesia Babliak