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Two wonderful reviews from Nadia’s July 23 “Quotations and Homages” concert at Art Share LA. Steven Niles, New Classic LA “Pianist Nadia Shpachenko Honors Audience in Homage-Themed Recital at Sound and Fury” “Nadia Shpachenko’s obviously masterful recital last Saturday concluded the second season of the estimable new music series, Sound and Fury Concerts on a […]

Two wonderful reviews from Nadia’s June 24 “Poetry of Places” concert at Bargemusic in New York. Harry Rolnick, “The Poetry of Places: Newly-written compositions inspired by diverse buildings” “The sextet of accomplished composers worked with solitary houses on lakeside islands, an anomalous monolith in Dhaka, the world’s oldest extant building, the complex interior of […]

A wonderful review from Nadia’s December 13 “Quotations and Homages” concert at Spectrum in New York. Harry Rolnick, “Pianist Shpachenko brings strength to wide range of living composers” “The latest example was pianist Nadia Shpachenko, nominated for a Grammy for her CD Woman at the New Piano: American Music of 2013. Coming in from […]

Woman at the New Piano just received three 58th GRAMMY® Nominations for Best Classical Compendium, Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance by Nadia Shpachenko and Genevieve Feiwen Lee for Tom Flaherty’s Airdancing for Toy Piano, Piano and Electronics, and Producer of the Year, Classical for Marina A. Ledin and Victor Ledin! I am so grateful for […]

Here is a video clip of my selection of a beautiful Steinway & Sons piano for my Piano Spheres debut tomorrow, it features the piano selection process, plus a sneak peak at the two premieres by Lewis Spratlan and Annie Gosfield on tomorrow night’s program at REDCAT @ Disney Hall. Watch the clip here

In the year 2012 the nation was swept by a fear that had not been seen since the Y2K transition of January, 1, 2000. According to a misinterpretation of the Mayan Long Count calendar, it was believed that the world would end on December 21, 2012 – the end of the 13th b’ak’tun, 5,125 years […]

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